You’ll Never Buy Off This One Stupid Headline

For clients that want to build long term relationships with customers based on a reputation for quality and honesty, clickbait marketing is the opposite way to go. 

Clickbait implies an obvious goal: to get a click. For our local business clients, a sale or booked appointment is the end goal of marketing, not the click. If you bait people to click (which usually costs money) but the searcher doesn’t find the website or the business actually able to back up the claims of the ad, it’s wasted money. Or worse, the experience is a let-down and the result is negative reviews and a bad reputation in the community.

A proper, compelling ad conveys real results and promises a business can deliver. Examples of compelling headlines (if based in fact) that generate clicks that convert into customers:

  1. We’ve saved our customers an average of $7000 on their taxes. Call for a free tax analysis.

  1. 95% of our customers save on their energy bills after a tune up from Dave’s Heating & Air. Call for our $195 AC tune up special.

  1. Do you snore? Take our free sleep apnea screener. Takes 5 minutes and is 92% accurate. (We actually generated 1.4mil in leads with this one. Read the case study)

  1. We’ve helped 98% of our clients settle amicably without a costly court battle.

Shortcuts are short term, but a smart business owner knows success requires a long term game plan. Find what you do best, quantify it, and use that rather than some unsupported clickbait.


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