What is Revenue Operations?

Soon, it will no longer be good enough for your marketing company to simply drive leads, because the job (and keeping your business) doesn’t stop at the phone call or form submission. It stops when the lead becomes a customer. This is becoming referred to as Revenue Operations, and soon companies will be coming to you pitching you Revenue Operations services. What does this entail?

      1. Sales & Service Call Coaching – Is your staff closing leads or wasting them with bad or inexperienced sales skills?

      2.  AQ and Objection Scripting – Are you documenting your most common sales objections and providing your team with the right answers designed to move customers forward?

      3. Improving Response Times – Do you have data showing how many calls you miss every month? It’s almost certainly more than you think, and that’s wasted leads that are moving onto the next competitor.

what is revenue

      4. Email Nurture Sequences – For businesses with long buying cycles, you’re almost certainly familiar with email marketing, but does your system also help your staff remember when to follow up with customers? Depending on your customer, you need to follow up roughly five times in order to get an answer, and when you have a lot of leads coming in managing that process can get messy. Automated reminders set at a predetermined cadence make the process easy on staff and can convert more customers you may have missed previously.

Implementing better revenue operations practices should mean getting better results from the same marketing dollars. You may find out a marketing program you thought was failing is actually successful!

This is exactly what happened with Sleep Cycle Center in Austin, TX. We were showing a lot of leads coming in to the client, but they were claiming only 1-2 patients were converting into sleep apnea appliances. Everyone was frustrated and we were close to parting ways.

After implementing the strategies above, Sleep Cycle Center went on to deliver 40 Oral Appliances and see $1.5 million in potential revenue in less than 9 months.

Wondering if your business could use some help with Revenue Operations? Schedule a no obligation call with us.

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