Total Home Technologies

Total Home Technologies is a home automation and custom theater company serving the greater Austin, Texas area, with plans to expand into a conglomerate of businesses offering a total set of solutions for residential and commercial properties. They pride themselves on a service and education-first approach, even helping you take your groceries into the house if the opportunity presented itself. This, of course, resonated with us here at Marion.

Owner Shane Flores came to us like a lot of business owners do: wary of digital marketing companies making big promises with strategies like Google Ads that only seemed to spend *exactly* the budget quoted each month without generating anything in the way of jobs or any apparent return on investment. After hearing some success stories from friends, he was willing to give it another shot with us.

One thing we noticed right away was Total Home Technologies needed more than just eyes generated with ads; we needed to do some work on what those eyes saw when they got to him. That meant working on his website and overall web presence.


For the website, the most obvious need was for a Secure Site License (https). This removed the big red “NOT SECURE” warning when you visited his website, which increased the trust people had they would be safe while visiting it. We also added a Privacy Policy, signals to not just people but Google that the business is responsible for people’s information.

We also re-worked the content, added more photos of his work, and even created a separate landing page for Google Ads which all helped increase conversion rates by better conveying the quality of the service.

While working on the website, we worked on what people saw on search engines as well. We claimed and updated his Google My Business page, then created a Yelp page and BingPlaces page to increase his real estate on the web and be in more places for free. With all this in place, we were able to easily handle an office move without customers getting any wrong information and Shane having to worry about a thing. We then gave him a custom Google review link to send to customers to improve his online reputation, which did not reflect the quality of work either.

Finally, we set up Google Search Console, Analytics, and call tracking to ensure we could show Shane exactly how all of this was contributing to his bottom line so he would no longer be flying blind. All of this before we even turned on Google Ads.

The result was over $200,000 in tracked business over three months, a 26x return on investment with 80% of contacts rated as true qualified leads. Perhaps the biggest surprise was on the Google Ads, as with a smart campaign set up and optimization we ended up coming in under the planned budget each month.

But really the biggest value we added was giving Shane piece of mind with his marketing, that he finally had someone on his team handling this side of his business. We’ve handled meetings with other vendors for him, examined opportunities outside our scope of offerings, even taken calls from Yelp salesmen on his behalf. He only has to worry about the stuff he knows and can trust that we will consult with him and make good recommendations for what he needs to be doing based on his budget and goals so he can focus on running his ever-growing empire of businesses.

We’re excited to work with Shane and the entire Total Home team and helpmake them the Total Home Solution in Texas.

”Marion has done amazing things for us in our short time of being on board with his firm. Our phones are ringing off the hook with QUALIFIED leads looking for our services. We are closing 80% of these calls and have paid for our advertising 10 fold already. In 11 years our best decision to date is jumping on board with MRM!”

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