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Thompson Law & Marion Relationship Marketing

Learn how partnering with Marion Relationship Marketing put a family law attorney in Austin at the top of search results, generating 175 leads in just 5 months with no advertising budget.

Marketing in the Legal Sector

Marketing for the legal sector is never a simple task. Unlike other industries, many lawyers struggle to implement strategic approaches in an overcrowded digital space, juggling the balance of professionalism vs an approachable tone of voice. Fortunately, the Marion Team has built a wealth of expertise developing and implementing marketing strategies for several law firms across the United States, so we were well-equipped for the road ahead!

383 Online Conversions (2021)

Top 3 In SERP Rankings

200 Customer Phone Calls

Thompson Law’s Challenges

Unlike many of our clients, Thompson Law came with an advantageous edge. The team of skilled lawyers was well versed in SEO tactics but were too busy to implement their current findings or develop their marketing approach further. With an office move looming, the need for further support only increased as their traffic was at risk with the relocation. This is when the Marion team stepped in to not only support but refine Thompson Law’s marketing approach.

The Strategy

The Austin, Texas-based legal firm came to us with three key issues:

  1. Increased need for clearer, unified branding across their marketing efforts
  2. An established fully functioning website, ready to go for the big move.
  3. A content plan designed to reach clients at the research stage, branding them as the expert and driving consultations.
Launch a sophisticated digital space

We wanted to create a website that fit the narrative of the firm, presenting the elite level of knowledge and experience, in authentic designs and relatable materials:

  • Planning and development of a new, SEO-optimized website, ready for the office big move
  • Designing a bespoke online space, easily accessible to customers via tablet, phone or laptop devices
  • Applied sophisticated content and branding to reflect the high standards of expertise and legal service.


Unified branding with Foundational Marketing Tactics

Meanwhile, our branding team explored foundational marketing tactics to implement once the new site was ready for launch.

  • We mixed detailed designs and content structures together to format an aligned brand for both online and offline. 
  • Craft content that focuses on the unique selling points of Thompson Law, drawing customer feedback to our advantage.
  • Revised company logo and business cards with new branded techniques.  

Build upon established SEO content for greater success

Using professional tones and customer feedback to our advantage, the Marion copywriting team developed a stronger, customer-focused SEO strategy to convert online leads to sales.

  • Performed market and competitor analysis on high-end providers across the industry to create a formidable tone of voice. 
  • Used keyword analysis of the legal sector to develop an unbeatable search engine presence in our copy.
  • Delivered detailed and informative service pages, formed against carefully chosen consumer profiles
  • Integrated a dedicated testimonial section into the website to reinforce authority. 


Drive our online performances to Thompson’s offline approach

To ensure a high-quality customer experience across all user touchpoints, we delivered bespoke 1-on-1 training with the Thompson team with a focus on one shared goal: driving the right clients. 

  • We performed call listening and customer ratings to review the user experience
  • Created a unique action plan to ensure our client’s marketing approach remained consistent and on-brand through every stage of the user journey. 
  • Revised the client’s approach to potential leads by filtering consumers for quality through online retainer agreements on the website. 

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