This is How Many Times You Should Be Posting to Social Media Each Week

The answer is zero… unless you have something to say.

Social media can be powerful, but small businesses make the mistake of thinking they need to spend a ton of time and money projecting empty words out into the abyss that no one is looking at.

The reality is for most local businesses on a budget (which is everyone) social media:

  1. Is expensive or time-consuming to do well
  2. Doesn’t drive new business

When you’re on a budget, it needs to return value or it doesn’t happen. Most of our clients’ money is better spent on SEO or Google Ads because it helps you reach out to your customer when they need what you do.

So is social media a complete waste of time? Not exactly. While social media doesn’t create new business, it does help close new business.

Customers don’t just click ads and blindly hand you money. They don’t even do this when you’re recommended to them by a friend. They do research, and typically that involves going onto Google and searching your name, where they will unconsciously ask themselves:

  1. Does this business care about their appearance enough to have an updated website?
  2. Does this business have positive reviews from other customers? What about awards or recognition from credible organizations?
  3. Does this business have up-to-date pictures of their work I can look at?
  4. Does this business share informative content answering my questions?

#2, 3 and 4 is where social media can help. By periodically posting pictures of your work, staff, awards, as well as informative content about what you do, it shows customers you’re an active business with a public profile. This builds TRUST.

What this also means is how often you post doesn’t matter, just that you periodically do when you have something new to share.

With our Foundational Marketing program, we help our clients post photos they’ve provided, new positive reviews, or new content we’re creating for them through SEO content programs. This helps our customers:

  1. Convert leads into customers
  2. Stay current with the fast-paced digital marketing environment.
  3. Save time to focus on what they’re good at: running their business

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