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The Diamond Room & Marion Relationship Marketing

Learn how partnering with Marion Relationship Marketing led an appointment only private jeweler to have back-to-back best ever sales years in spite of government shutdowns during COVID.

The Results

Back-to-Back Record Years (2020-2021)

1543 Unique Form Submits (2019-July 2022) 

3114 Unique Calls  (2019)

The Challenge

The Diamond Room had invested heavily in Google Ads to grow and that continues to be a focal point of the marketing strategy. But a lack of investment in other areas such as SEO and social media led to a stagnation in growth and a struggle to promote a second location.

A diversified marketing strategy designed to drive leads across what is a long and complicated buying journey was needed to lift the overall results, as well as a brand and presence that exhibited the appeal of the private jeweler.

The Strategy

Developing A Complete Marketing Program

Fundamental to the Marion thesis is that people don’t live and buy in silos. They use multiple signals and pieces of information over a given time period to make buying decisions, and nowhere is that more true than in jewelry, and specifically engagement rings.

The Diamond Room had historically relied entirely on Google Ads, networking and word of mouth to drive new sales. While these three focus areas are still core to their efforts due to their ongoing success, significant opportunities were on the table to drive more leads from organic search, maps, and social media. 

A robust SEO program was installed, initially focused on helping consolidate two separate websites for the Austin and Dallas locations into one unified brand site. Location pages and product specific locations were built to drive traffic from local searches and are now some of the most trafficked pages on the website.

But the most successful portion of the SEO program has been the content program. Research and collaboration with The Diamond Room on what clients are asking in appointments has come together to dictate multiple content topics per month. This content alone has generated over 1200 visits to the website and nearly 200,000 impressions over the past three months.

The other major pillar that needed improvement was in social media, where there are high standards for imagery and brand consistency in the jewelry industry. In short: you can’t fake it. A focus on regular creation of high quality imagery and lifestyle photography was needed to stand out, and the Marion team encouraged The Diamond Room team to build the process internally for the needed authenticity, while Marion handled promotion via Facebook Ads, driving top level awareness and traffic to the website.

What this revealed was an interesting and hard to track customer journey: girlfriends seeing the ads and posts on Social Media, sending “hints” to boyfriends, who used Search Engines to do further research and schedule the appointment.

Having complete control and presence across the entire buying journey has driven consecutive years of record growth and given The Diamond Room unique insights into how to expand for the future as they bring the private jeweler experience to more cities across the United States.

Content Marketing

Proper research and customer feedback drives a successful content marketing strategy driving thousands of website visits.

Local Search

Location specific pages and localized product content outranks much of the general pages on the website, driving significant lead volume.

We even moved the Dallas location to get better visibility in a more desirable part of town, leading to record lead volume and better quality.

Google Ads

Still a major revenue driver, Google Ads has been expanded to capture unique, highly desirable markets such as 5-15+ carat lab grown buyers and estate jewelry sellers.

Brand Refresh & Consolidation

A brand refresh was undertaken to update logos for more modern needs and to consolidate naming conventions for a unified, recognizable brand presence for the future.

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