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Build Sustainable Practice Growth

Industry Leading Marketing Solutions

Sleep Apnea Dentistry marketing doesn’t have to be as hard as it’s made out to be. The Marion team has dedicated the past 2 years to perfecting the perfect blend of marketing strategy, messaging, and targeting and combined it with a proprietary lead management system to help take the noise out of marketing and turn your market into sustainable leads.

By reporting your True ROI, the Marion Relationship Marketing team will turn the page on dishonest marketing practices and unknown investements. Our team will listen and rate every phone call you receive, every form that is submitted, and return back your true marketing performance and coaching points to help close more of your leads!

Learn How We Turned Leads into Patients at a Higher Rate Than Ever in 2021


By streamlining our Patient Liason process, Marion Relationship Marketing took Oral Appliance leads and turned them into more customers than ever for this Sleep Apnea Dentist! Click the link below and enter your information to learn more!

Increase Visibility

Be there when potential patients are searching! From Google My Business, Review Sites, and Your Website, visibility is at a premium and we have the techniques to get you there.

Targeted Advertising

We know your audience and so do you – using those insights we can place targeted ads based on data and using language that resonates with your ideal patient – no matter where they are in their Sleep Apnea treatment journey!

Lead Management

Leads are great – but what you do with them is what really matters. Do you have the right people answering the call? Our program will analyze this, provide you with actionable insights on how to improve conversion, and turn leads into appliances.

Sleep Cycle Centers

Read how Marion Relationship Marketing partnered with Dr. Chad Denman and Sleep Cycle Center in Austin, TX to optimize their lead management with in-depth operational improvements, bringing a higher marketing ROI.

The Marion Relationship Marketing Essentials Program

Build your digital brand and start tapping into your local market for the price of 1 Oral Appliance per month

Web Design & Development

Foundational Marketing Program

$3,000/month – Flat Pricing Structure

Lead Generating Advertising

SEO & Content Marketing

Perfect for New Sleep Apnea Dentists or Established Sleep Apnea Dentists who are starting maketing – the Essentials progarm is a turnkey program that includes a website build or redesign, Marion’s famous Foundational Marketing Program, and then lead generating advertising to start bringing leads to you quickly. For Dentists who have a great web presence already, SEO & Content Marketing fills in and continues to build on that strong foundation.

Looking For More?

Add-On Services Available

Conversion Rate Optimization

Email Marketing

Graphic Design

Social Media Marketig

New Patient Conversion Program


Marketing doesn’t stop when a form is submitted or the phone rings – we built a tried and true system to turn qualified leads into New Patients with the Marion New Patient Conversion Program.

Are you answering the call?

Dig into your Customer Service operations and understand your customers pain points, and how to answer them best. With full Call Tracking, Automated Transcripts, and 1-on-1 Call Training with the Marion team, your Patient Liasons will learn how to convert warm leads at a better rate than ever.

Learn how we doubled revenue for one dentist after 2 months with the new patient conversion program

Email Nuture Sequences

Client Lifecycle Analysis

Keep clients in your pipeline and your team focusing on the business with automated email nuture sequences that keep your practice top of mind, and remind potential patients of your unique benefits.

Built your average Custom Lifecycle Analysis with Marion’s turnkey tools and track improvements in your conversion rate, consultation rates, and revenue generated from all channels.

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