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Commercial & Residential Fuel Supplier + Marion Relationship Marketing

Learn how partnering with Marion Relationship Marketing led to a commercial and residential fuel supplier dominating their region and doubling their YoY phone calls.

The Results

4241 Unique Phone Calls (2021)

$22.33 Cost Per Contact (2021)

138% Organic Traffic Increase (2020-2022)

The Challenge

The client has a rich history serving their region, but was being squeezed on all sides by newer, smaller competitors as well as big national companies entering the area.

A modernized website and brand presence as well as more focus on modernizing digital marketing efforts was needed to reestablish them as the premier service provider in the area. These efforts needed to be backed by a focus on data the team could use to optimize efforts and understand seasonal shifts better.

The Strategy

Focus On Local

The client covers a large, primarily rural territory across two states where people are used to staying local for their needs. An analysis of search results in the area resulted in a clear need for website content that appealed to each of the client’s nine main hubs individually and served relevant information to that audience, such as contact information and what services are offered there.

The Marion team built landing pages for each location with unique content relevant to that location, which quickly resulted in first spot placement for all of the client’s goal keywords. These pages, not the homepage, are the most trafficked pages on the website and drive a majority of leads.

Outside of the website, a campaign to claim, update, and optimize all local listings was immediately undertaken within Marion’s Foundational Marketing Program. With nine locations there were numerous examples of out of date information that were fixed, improving the overall ability of customers to find the client and get the right information about them. Optimizing the Google Business Pages and inserting the new local landing pages improved map rankings across the board, giving them multiple organic placements for every important keyword.

Full Funnel Lead Generation

While organic presence grew, a comprehensive advertising program was implemented to build awareness of the brand and it’s unique programs, as well as to drive bottom funnel conversions.

With the immediacy of need for the client’s services, Google Ads was the clear best option to get in front of customers needing service, and has been successful in driving over 2000 unique form submissions and phone calls since inception for just residential services. As data has accumulated the teams have collaborated to establish clear trends in customer demand based on seasonality, allowing for spend optimization and improvement of acquisition costs over time.

The client also wanted to reach customers at the top of funnel as well, marketing unique pricing programs as well as reinforcing brand messaging during peak season. The Marion team’s deep creative capabilities led to the creation of image and video content, promoted via Display Advertising and Facebook Advertising.

Between organic presence, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, Marion delivered a comprehensive, data driven marketing program that has led to the client dominating their territory and doubling Year-over-Year contacts and improving new customer acquisition every year in the summer months.

Local Presence

Focus on hyper local search terms and Google Business Page presence for top keywords.

Website Consolidation

Successful consolidation of two websites into one to create singular brand hub and combine historical equity of both sites for improved overall presence.

Creative Development

Video, Logos and fresh imagery created regularly for program promotion and branding

Google Ads

Robust Google Ads account providing dominant coverage, designed to flex up and down with seasonality.

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