Here’s What All Your Competitors Will Be Doing Soon!

As a business owner you’re constantly inundated with “trends”:

  1. New social media platforms you have to post on (and another app you have to check).
  2. New tech you should adopt (and another thing you have to learn).
  3. New place you have to spend money (and potentially get nothing back for).

All this MORE when all you want to do is serve customers and own your time. Frankly, its exhausting.

Instead of giving you new, shiny, time consuming or expensive ideas only marketers and teenagers care about, here are 3 Basic Truths that will become standard for businesses like yours in 2022:

You Should Know Where All Your Leads Come From – There are too many affordable tools that work together to tell you which half of your marketing is working. Phone call tracking is smart enough now to tell you the source of every website visitor and caller. Free tools like Google Analytics can tell you who filled out your form and where they live. You can even see what keyword they used to find you. And local businesses are using this data to get more leads for their marketing dollars and grow their businesses.

If you still don’t know if your marketing is driving revenue, you need either to hire a marketing company or fire your current one.

Local Gets More Local – The Vicinity Update was a big win for local businesses actively and honestly managing their Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). Where previously spam networks & big businesses with large marketing budgets could own listings far from their location, this update has given smaller businesses higher rankings and more visibility for potential customers closer to their location.

This should help local businesses, but you still need to be focused on adding Google Posts, updating your business information, and getting more reviews to keep the free business coming. Which leads us to…

Every Customer Should Be Asked For A Review, Automatically – Like marketing analytics, there are a myriad of affordable programs to help you get more reviews, and most of them without you or your staff having to remember to ask. All it should take is connecting it to your current CRM (if you don’t use one of those, you missed the 2018 trend) and plugging in your review site links. The platforms even help you filter out potential negative reviews and get feedback to help you improve your business.

Remember, 79% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family. So if you’re not keeping up with the competition, you’re losing business ready to buy, no matter how good your ads are.

If all this still sounds like MORE to you, we agree, its a lot. Unfortunately it just scratches the surface of all the things a business needs to be doing to stay up to date with the internet and closing more leads from their marketing.

That’s why our entire business is centered around our Foundational Marketing Program.

The Foundational Marketing Program helps you:

  1. Get more out of every marketing dollar.
  2. Know what marketing is working and what isn’t.
  3. Free yourself up to spend more time on customers and less time finding them.

In practical terms, this means you get:

  1. Transparent Lead Tracking Technology – giving you visibility into where every lead comes from.
  2. Website Management – keeping your best sales tool fast, informative, and easy for customers to get in touch with you
  3. Online Presence Management – Putting you on,in control of, and looking great on every listing site, including social media posts, review generation and better rankings for your Google Business Page.
  4. A Marketing Strategist – an experienced marketing professional for all questions and needs. They should feel like an extension of your business.

We believe so strongly that this is critical to marketing success, we will not spend any of your marketing dollars anywhere else without it.

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