Do You Have a Transitional Call to Action?

You know the importance of asking for the sale, but do you have a back-up plan for when a customer isn’t ready to buy yet? A transitional call to action is a lesser ask that allows you to continue building a relationship with your prospect that leads to a purchase.

One of our clients generated $1.4 million in potential revenue off Google Ads and a transitional call to action.

Here’s three things a good transitional call to action can do for you:

  1. Build a reciprocation obligation in the clients mind
  2. Allow you to stay top of mind with the customer, so when they are ready to purchase they don’t forget about you and go to a competitor.
  3. Qualify your leads, saving you time and generating more 

Transitional calls to action are great for businesses with:

  1. High upfront costs
  2. Long buying cycles
  3. Large, involved projects
  4. Products or services that are wants, not needs

Here are three ideas for transitional calls to action

  1. A how to guide for a simple repair or diagnosis. Videos are perfect
  2. A quiz (this is what our client used to generate that $1.4 million
  3.  A short list of actionable insights that solves a key problem, such as, ahem, how to fix bad marketing.

If you’re worried about giving away your secret sauce, remember what you’re giving away is very small, and not something you want to spend your time on anyway. When the customer has a bigger problem they can’t figure out, that’s where you come in. This will help you spend more time billing clients and less time transitioning between small clients.

But here’s the key: it has to be followed with an email nurture sequence. If you’re not sure what that is, download our guide and you’ll get ours.

Want help creating one for your business? Let us put our experience to work for you.

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