Remove The Cover

by | Oct 12, 2019

My wife and I bought our first house and within the first week figured out all three exhaust fans in our bathrooms were really loud and really broken. I, not being the handiest, avoided dealing with it and left it on my honey do list for about a year and a half.
That’s when my much handier Father came to visit for a weekend. Being eager to help his newly home-owning son with home things, discovered the exhaust fan issue.
He took off the cover, established each one was broken, and said I needed new ones. He unscrewed the one tiny screw holding them in and unplugged them. We went to Home Depot, bought the same model for $15 each, went home, plugged the new ones in, secured them with the screw, and it was done. No specialized knowledge, no exhaustive hours of diagnosis, no serious expense. He just removed the cover and looked at it.
The point being solutions can be simpler than they appear, if you just bother to try and find them.

Reflections on One Year in Business

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Work Worth Doing is Hard

The reality is everyone struggles, no one builds flawless operations or flawless products. Good work that makes a difference is hard, no matter who you are or where you came from.

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Small Business Saturday

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The Customer Buying Journey

I’ll say this directly to clients: it doesn’t matter how amazing our creative is. No one is going to be scrolling Instagram, see your ad and go “holy shit I need to buy this thing right now” and just stop everything else they had going on to hand you all their money for the thing you sell.

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Tools Vs. Strategies

Too often we confuse Tools with Strategies. A good Strategy delivers the right information to customers to help them make the best buying decision for them. Tools are what you use to execute the Strategy.

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Generalists vs. Specialists

Generalists thrive in change. Their variety of skills make them extremely adaptable to environments where what we value is fluid. Which in case you haven’t noticed is the environment we live in.

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