Alluring Green Tree Care

Alluring Green Tree Care is the all-American family-owned small business. Located on Long Island in New York, Alluring Green came to us just starting out as a man, his truck, and a wealth of knowledge about arboriculture. My favorite part about my work with Alluring Green is listening to the phone calls, learning more about trees in one season than I thought I’d learn in a lifetime. The owner is a practitioner first; a true expert in his field that wanted to turn it into a business, something we appreciate here at Marion.

”Working with Marion Relationship Marketing has well exceeded our expectations here at Alluring Green Tree Care. Lane is a pleasure to work with and is wonderful at putting everything about digital marketing into laymen’s terms. The bottom line is if you want results – look no further. Marion will go above & beyond to make sure your company grows & stands out in the digital market.”

Wanting to get some new clients, we set up a Google Ads campaign focused on attracting people looking for tree spraying and arborist services. We used CallRail to record phone calls, set up Google Analytics and synced everything together so that we know where every form submission, phone call and lead is coming from, no matter the source, so we can compare those sources and get Assisted Conversion Data from Analytics as well.

It only took about a week of traffic and listening to phone calls to see an obvious optimization opportunity, and the campaign took off from there. We drove 188 Unique Leads over five months while staying under budget every month. Alluring Green had to buy a second truck and get some help to handle all the new business.

See what Marion can do for you. Marion Relationship Marketing has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Dallas SEO agencies by DesignRush.


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