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After graduating

in 2010

 from Indiana University – Bloomington with a Bachelor of Arts in English and thus no specifically marketable job skills, Lane left his home city of Chicago, Illinois and moved to Dallas, Texas for his first job in digital marketing performing content marketing, social media marketing & reputation management for small-to-midsized businesses. Due to a relentless work ethic and skill with client service, he was quickly thrust into successful beta programs designed to increase department productivity, which led to him developing the Social Media Manager role and being promoted to lead a small team.

Soon after, a new opportunity arose to learn Pay-Per-Click marketing, Remarketing & Display, managing campaigns and clients for two of the top salespeople in a global company, which Lane took and honed his skills in another area of digital marketing.

A life-changing phone call would come two and a half years later when a former coworker that Lane had worked with in his very first year offered him a job at his very new internet marketing company, where Lane would become the fourth employee hired.

Quickly Lane identified a vast array of needs beyond his initial job description and went to work overhauling campaign structure, developing quality control checklists and forms, and standardizing processes for quickly and accurately getting new clients from sales to service to live. After a promotion, he tasked with the creation of new positions, including developing the job descriptions & hiring of new people to those roles, as well as directly managing a team of four people. After a second promotion, he also became heavily involved in the operations side of the business, tracking revenue, profit & loss data, and other vital signs relevant to the health of the business.

The result was a three-year growth rate of over 1,300%, with client totals increasing from 50 to 185 and the company grew from four employees to 14. The company was awarded Premier Partner status from Google, which included a Google-funded trip for Lane out to their headquarters in Mountain View, California for higher level training and access to insider knowledge from Google. The company was also recognized on Inc. Magazine’s 2017 List of the 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, ranking #335 and top 25 in Texas.

It was 2019 when Lane decided it was time to take the leap and start Marion Relationship Marketing, founded on the principle of putting people first. A dream realized but also never complete, he hopes to help business owners develop comprehensive marketing plans that create happy clients as well as new leads, and become a trusted knowledge resource for the business community at large.

Lane lives in Dallas, Texas with his beautiful wife, pug, and cat. His hobbies include running marathons and keeping up with his favorite Chicago sports teams from afar.


Lane was one of the first people I met at ReachLocal when I started in May 2012. He led our team of 3 as our “Senior” and was my direct training mentor. In a department of 70+, Lane was a standout and I feel incredibly lucky I got to have him as a leader on our team. Putting it bluntly, he’s a beast at his job! He’s focused, smart, extremely capable and will make sure each project is done with vigor and precision. I can honestly say he’s one person in my career who stands out from the crowd of the many I’ve encountered. I would wholeheartedly work with him again.

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